Species of Spaces Series (The Void), 2011. Inkjet print, 125x85 cm (49x33 in)
Partly inspired by Georges Perec's novel A Void, in this work I removed all the keyboard keys of the letter 'e' from the computers of a library, and left them on a shelf designated for items to be restacked.

Species of Spaces Series (Sentence), 2011. Inkjet print, 85x125 cm (33x49 in)
A group of books arranged in a vertical column with the purpose of composing a poem with the titles.

Species of Spaces Series (From 10 to 1), 2011. Inkjet print, 125x85 cm (49x33 in)
For this piece, I reshelved nine bilingual dictionaries of the ten most spoken languages in the world into English, all in a single row.